About Breastfeeding Gateway

Welcome to the Breastfeeding Information Gateway!

Welcome to the Breastfeeding Gateway - your source for reliable and up-to-date breastfeeding information. This Gateway will link you with the resources you need to expand your knowledge on breastfeeding and its related issues and connect with others who are doing the same!

Our hope is that the site will eventually become your home browser, a "gateway" to breastfeeding advocacy, research, and awareness as it happens in real-time!

The idea behind the creation of the Breastfeeding Gateway was originally mooted by Prof. Dr Dato' Anwar Fazal, WABA's Chairperson Emeritus during the 2005 Global Breastfeeding Partners Meeting (GBPM) in Penang. At that meeting he had challenged the WABA Secretariat team to develop a Gateway for the breastfeeding movement by tapping on the huge amount of resources which WABA and it's Core Partners - comprising of International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), La Leche League International (LLLI), International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA), Wellstart International and the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM). This idea was then discussed at subsequent GBPM's,endorsed by the Core Partners and included as an activity under the Information, Communications and Networking (ICN programme) for the WABA 5 year strategic plan in 2007.

Finally in 2010 after several years of exploring, experimenting and analysis, a dream team, comprising of Denise Fisher (ILCA/WABA Fellow 2010), Katherine Houng (WABA Youth Coordinator), Sam (Webmaster), Chuah Pei Ching (Health/Info Officer) and Julianna Lim Abdullah (Deputy Director) was assembled during the WABA Global Breastfeeding Partners Forum (GBPF) to work on developing the Breastfeeding Gateway. Nand Wadhwani, WABA's International Advisory Council Member provided guidance and a gateway template which kicked-off the project. The team had also relied on input from the WABA General Assembly and the breastfeeding network.

With a multitude of breastfeeding information available online, one may be overwhelmed by the abundance of resources, articles, forums, and support services. The Breastfeeding Gateway was developed to help mediate this information search process, to identify several key resources as a starting point for your navigation process to minimize the time you spend searching.The concept is simple – the gateway is a conduit to other information which already exists.

This site is a service provided by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) that serves to link you with up-to-date breastfeeding information and related tools. You’ll be able to refine your search from a comprehensive pool of relevant and accurate breastfeeding resources based on your interests and needs. The gateway is currently organized into two broad sections: Topics and Tools.

The Topics on the left column cover some of the important issues directly impacting breastfeeding practice and support and is mostly content-driven. These issues include breastfeeding as related to mother support, work/life balance, and environmental awareness. The column on the right houses the Tools section and provides links to a broader range of breastfeeding networks and capacity-building materials and resources such as past World Breastfeeding Week materials, educational resources, and social networking links.

This beta (testing) version is still in its testing stage. Your feedback and suggestions will help to enhance its content, usability and effectiveness. What’s in store? RSS Feeds for specific topic areas, a short introduction video, and enhanced social networking hub.

Breastfeeding Gateway, keeping you abreast with the times.

Note: The Breastfeeding Information Gateway does not accept sponsorship of any kind from companies producing breastmilk substitutes, related equipment and complementary foods and adheres to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. We request that all users of the Gateway respect and abide by this ethical position.